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At 32 miles long, the Isle of Man sits comfortably in the middle of the Irish Sea. Its rugged topography and breathtaking views make it the perfect place for Enduro. With only 1 mountain the hills aren't too hard on the legs - but hard enough! 


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Ben Collins
"Little Bear"

Ben is the whiz-kid for the club. You'll normally see him behind a laptop or fumbling with the timing kit. He's the general troubleshooter for any problems and gets the beer - only if you give your SIAC back though...!

Bear is head honcho.

He makes our events what they are and keeps you on your toes! Good in the digger and also on the matic tool, Steve's trails in Kings Forest and Slieau Whallian are technical and hard going - Just how he likes it.


The "Dingbats"

Lee Batty

Robin Simpson-Green

David 'Dixie' Griffin

Giles Morris

Isaac Batty

Andy McKnight

Peter Clague

Derek McNutt

Conor Gelling

Rob Cormode

Russ Moore

Shaun Gelling

Our Short Story

We were new to mountain biking and after two or so years of riding, we discovered the enduro format of mountain biking - Now this was cool. There weren't loads of trails on the Island at the time, nor were there any enduro mountain biking events. So, Bear being Bear decided to run his own events and of course, I (Ben) got roped in! In 2014 Manx Gravity Enduro was born but shortly after a sort of "cease and desist" was issued as we could not use the word "Gravity" in our name - Boo! So we had to remove our Facebook page which had just started to pick up and pretty much start over. But that wasn't the end of the world, we were still running great events, just with a new name!

Since then, we've grown, built trails, learned some more, ran more events, learned again, and so on... By no means are we perfect, but our small team of dedicated unpaid volunteers ensures we run superb events. So much so, folk for the UK started noticing our flagship 2 Day Enduro event, and in 2022 over 45% of the entry was from the UK. We plan to continue growing and getting ourselves on the map and known for our great value and awesome events on our beautiful island.

Why is the entry fee £25?

The entry fee covers the DEFA plantation hire fee, timing kit, event first aid, food, beer, prizes, event photographer, this website, and insurance. A few of our events have a sponsor who contributes to the costs, and so if profit is created, we either donate it to charity or put it back into future events to make them better or we use it to buy stone to fix the trails!

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